Do You Like Riding A Roller-Coaster?

I want to quit!

Let’s talk about the roller-coaster effect.

A high performing life insurance agent once shared with me an interesting point.

He was new to the business, did a lot of sales, very successful, and suddenly one month he did zero business.

That was because he was so busy closing a lot of pending business…

That he stooped doing…


And suddenly he found himself on a roller-coaster, going from a fantastic few months to literally zero.

That was so painful…

He couldn’t take it.

He almost quit.

Then his manager explained this concept.

Have you ever tried pushing a stuck car?

In the beginning, it’s very very hard, you need a lot of people helping to do the first push, but once it’s moving, it’s getting easier, all you need to do, is keep on pushing, as long as its moving, if you stop even for a second, you got to start all over again.

The reason you have zero business is that you didn’t do any prospecting for a while, your pipeline dried up, now to start again is very hard.

You can’t stop prospecting and doing sales, even if you have loads of business in the pipeline, it’s a mistake that drives great salespeople out of business.

“The roller coaster is a choice…” -Carl White

I repeat, do you remember this: The roller coaster is a choice…