Doing pushups every day

“How are people doing it?”
“Do I need to hit rock bottom?”
“Who can tell me how to get my act together?”

I was recently asked these questions in regards to my personal daily disciplines (which involve push-ups, meditation, and recording my daily podcast).

Here is my answer:

It’s not about WHAT you do.

It’s simply DOING it.

It’s about strengthening the muscle of discipline. The muscle that’s called “doing it”!

Whether it’s a 20-second push-up, or a 10-minute meditation, or a sales call.

It’s all the same muscle that you need to build up. Starting with little things.

There will be people who say, “Sure, I am disciplined. I pray every day. I go to work every day.”

That’s not discipline. 

Anything you do because of the fear of God, or any obligation, is not called discipline. 

Discipline is something you do because YOU decided to do it.

No matter how small or petty your discipline may seem, it is important to YOU because it’s YOUR discipline.

Whatever project you take on is going to require discipline. It could be exercise/work / shalom bayis / chinuch, or whatever you decide you will be working on.

But sometimes we take on a project just for the sake of discipline. 

It doesn’t seem too productive. 

It’s just a couple of push-ups.
It’s just a few minutes of meditation.

But it means you are working on your discipline muscle!

Your monkey brain will try to make you stop.

“What’s the value of doing this?”
“Why do you need it?”
“You can’t do it!”

No matter what your discipline is.

Just keep on doing it.


Because YOU decided to do it.

Because this is a practice of your discipline. 

It’s not about losing weight.
It’s not about building your muscles.
It’s not about making millions of dollars.
(although you could achieve all that if you put your discipline to it.)

It’s because you decided to do it.

And you will.

That’s why!