Don’t ask why

Ever heard someone talking with a tone that indicates ‘Poor me. Look how bad my life is!’?


“Oy, my life is such a mess!”


“Did you hear that I was hospitalized for a week?”


“Life is terrible. My business went down the drain!”

A classic pity party.

Whoever has more #problems, wins!

(I am not saying that people are not in pain. There is lots of #pain in the world. I am talking about using pity as an attitude of entitlement.)

Then we have another game. It’s called the blame game.


“Today’s people don’t have what it takes!”


  “My team of people are not doing their job!”


“This generation only cares about money!”

These comments are in poor taste. Just being said in order to #blame others instead of themselves. 

Think about it. You will start spotting these #traits in yourself and in others. 

But, even if we shake our heads about the ills of #society, let’s not forget that society is made up of individuals like you and me. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”. — Mahatma Gandhi

Starting with you, my friends!