Don’t focus on the news

What’s news?

First of all, “No news is good news!”

We always encourage our loan officers to stay away from news in general.

(The only news we talk about is that rates are still low and the purchase market is still hot!)

We keep a list of “outside influences that will not affect my business”:
What I ate (or didn’t eat) for breakfast.
The weather.
The news.
And some more…

In other words, do your thing and ignore everything else.

Work on yourself so you shouldn’t get hysterical over the news that it should affect your work.

Of course, this doesn’t include an actual rate change that obviously ‘does’ affect the mortgage industry. (Deals can get lost when rates go up.)

We’re talking about general news. 
The president.
The elections.
The debates.

If it doesn’t affect the rate, it shouldn’t matter to your business!

It’s just a distraction.

Do your thing. Build your relationships. Work on your files. Don’t look at the news!

If the news is important enough to affect your business, the only discussion should be solution-oriented.

Not just hashing out the news for politics sake.

It’s not about the news. It’s about the outcome!