Don’t struggle #2

Part 2:

As you go on the ‘easy street’ of life, you will invariably stumble across new challenges.

We can learn from Ray Dalio’s 5 step process to success:

Step 1: Set Goals

Where do you want to go.

Step 2: Struggle and stumble towards your goal.

It’s a fact, you’re going to struggle in life.

Step 3: Identify the problem.

There is surely more than one problem that is holding you back. 

What is causing the reluctance?

If you love what you do, then your work should be easy.

You should look forward to it without any resistance.

You’re good and smart enough.

People are looking forward to your call. 

How do I get better at this, so not to struggle anymore.

Get to the root cause. 

Don’t tolerate problems. 

You can’t survive when you keep fighting for yourself.

Don’t just survive.

But thrive and succeed beyond your dreams.

Step 4: Design a Solution:

Design many solutions.

Try all of them.

Step 5: Follow Through.

Push through the solution that you designed. 

As you go through life, you will eventually bump into more challenges. No doubt.

Repeat the process.

Identify. Design. Push through.

The game of life should not be a game of suffering. Constantly work on yourself.

We were born into a system, we work on ourselves, to become the best version of ourselves.