Don’t wait for the motivation

Motivation is a trap!

There is this famous story about King Solomon that he had a ring custom made to keep him balanced and at peace. In ancient times, the Stoics and philosophers were focused on attaining peace of mind and balanced equilibrium. 
So, the goldsmith crafted a ring with the initials of the Hebrew words “This too shall pass”.
This was a constant reminder to the king how to achieve inner peace. 

We need to constantly stay balanced. 

When we’re up and when we’re down. 

Balance means self-control even when things are up (positive) and surely when down (negative).

Staying positive is not about motivation.

Who said we need to be motivated?

In fact, you cannot get motivated from other people. Motivation is an INSIDE job.

We just need to DO what we gotta DO!

Just do it!

Life is not always about feeling good. Don’t just wait for the good mood to strike!

Once you start, the momentum will kick in and you’ll start to feel accomplished.

But, you need to start somewhere…

Motivation is a trick.

Motivation is a trap.

Because, if you’re at the mercy of motivation, how powerful are you without it?!

The more confidence you have in your skills, the less you are dependent on motivation to do the job for you!

You can do this, my friend!