Driven by passion, not by guilt

Ambition by passion, not ambition by anxiety!

Be driven by passion, not by guilt or jealousy etc.

Young and stupid salespeople can make a mistake.

Can mess up an interview.

Can call or follow up too frequently.

Can use a script that’s not perfect.

Can offer the wrong product or make a mistake.

For a young and stupid salesperson, it’s ok.

He is living and learning.

As long as he keeps learning, It’s ok.

So stop having call reluctance.

Stop being scared and fearful.

Young and stupid – it’s good!

That’s the motivation you get out of it.

The idea that you can look at yourself as young and stupid!

It’s an idea to inspire you!

So you can make your phone calls.

So you can do stuff.

You know you don’t have to have fear and scare!

We are indeed a very ambitious society, but many of us are ambitious by anxiety, strive to be ambitious and driven by passion.