Education vs. hands-on experience

Qualification from higher education versus hands-on experience?

Both of these are important to succeed in business. 

Qualifications are important to gain industry knowledge and to gain people’s trust. But, knowledge can be gained through hands-on experience.

That said, the right work ethic trumps having qualifications!

When recruiting for The Mint Capital, one of the main points we look for is work ethic.

Work ethic beats knowledge. Work ethic beats certifications.

Knowledge can be acquired. Skill can be gained. But only with the right work ethic.

The mortgage industry is not rocket science.

If a person has the desire to succeed and the right state of mind, they can be very successful!

If you are willing to:

Provide great service

Focus on the work

Have a positive mindset and attitude
Then you will also absorb the knowledge needed to succeed.

Is education important? Yes.
Is hands-on experience helpful? Yes.
A firm dedication and a strong work ethic still wins? Yes!

In fact, many loan officers at The Mint Capital don’t have formal qualifications in the industry. 

But they DO have:


Willingness to learn

Strong work ethic
that gave them the knowledge and experience.

I’m proud to say they are very successful!