Electromagnetic Waves

The heart has electromagnetics that goes out as much as 10 feet, that is picked up by the other person’s electromagnetic field.

You can be that far from one another, and already feel what the other feels about you.

It would sense our feelings and when that view is not a positive one, it follows that our prospects would resist our approach to them.

My friend, you have to be true to yourself, your lack of sales is not about your prospect, it’s about you!

It’s about your positivity as a whole. 

You are responsible to work on your attitude. 

Grateful people are grateful about everything! 

Don’t look for the opportunity to be proven right (that the customer was not interested)!

Be positive and be proven right!
Don’t be negative and be proven right!

So, what’s gonna make you more positive? 

Going into a meeting with a new prospect, thinking how great s/he is?
That there’s a great chance that this is gonna become a sale? 

Even if it’s not 100% true! 

That’s the whole idea. “Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!”

How do you do the right thing?

Be realistic and futuristic!

Anything that’s going to make you positive towards this sale.

Never give up lying to yourself that the next one will be the one. 
The past does not equal the future. Never!

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