Emotion in selling

Not all salespeople are created equal.

For many people, the entire sales process — the calls, the follow-ups, the meetings — is emotionally against their nature.

They constantly need to logicalize* themselves in order to be able to do it. So, when they end up making that sales call, their default mode of the call is the logic that they have logicalized themselves. (Yes, I made up the word *logicalize* because it makes perfect sense in this context.)

As #Jeb Blount writes in his book ‘Objections’, “You must first deal with objections at an emotional level before you can introduce logic”.

Salespeople that are naturally and emotionally confident in what they do, have the mental capacity to deal with the entire sales process. Of course, with practice and continued education, we can all get better at this.

When doing sales, the more emotionally confident you are, the more you have the capacity to deal with the stakeholder on their emotional level.

So, although not all salespeople are created equal, you CAN train yourself to become the best salesperson out there.

Does the sales process come naturally to you?
What tips helped you overcome your objections to sales?

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