Explain value

I get this question often from people listening to my daily podcast:

“How are you in such a good mood every day with your happy and loud Gooood Morning greeting?”

The truth is that I don’t always wake up in a good mood.
Of course, that would be nice.

But, there are many mornings that I’m still tired and I still need to get up and beat the traffic.

I try to get myself into it.


I start my drive and listen to several podcasts (especially Darren Hardy).
I breathe.
I think positive thoughts.
I smile to myself.

This is all part of my morning routine.

This is how it works. We restart the engine, positively. 

Then, when I record my podcast, I’m already in a much better mood.

Sometimes it might take a little longer to swing into it. This is the natural cycle of life.

Snap out of it. Snap into it.
Snap out of the negative and snap into the positive.

That’s the key. That’s our choice.

That’s the way it is.

We have the power to change our mood. To focus on the positive. To smile to ourselves.

There are good times ahead, my friend!