Fanatical prospecting – 2

“Tomorrow,” you say to yourself.

A good deed brings another good deed.

A bad deed brings another bad deed.

It starts simply.

Jim Rohn says: “Nobody sets out to say, ‘Today I’m not going to do anything in my life”.


It’s the ‘little’ decision in the morning that:
“Just today I’m not going to do my push-ups.”
“Just today I’m not going to go running.”
“Just today I’m not going to learn my daily daf.”

It starts with one little thing you decide not to do today.

Then comes the next task, and you think since you didn’t do the first thing then you might as well not do the next thing. And then the third thing…

“Tomorrow!” you promise yourself. Tomorrow you will get back on the bandwagon. 

We all know that such promises of ‘tomorrow’ don’t exist.

Start TODAY!

Make it a great day ahead!