Fanatical Prospecting

Always have bread in your basket.


Because you shouldn’t be crazy hungry (and then make crazy deals).

There is plenty of “fish” out there.

But if you have too little in your pipeline, and you then need to fight for every sale, you settle for bad customers and bad deals, and it’s no good…

When you have a full pipeline you let them go. There is plenty of other fish in the sea.

Many salespeople are on the feast-or-famine rollercoaster.

They need to realize that the rollercoaster is a choice!

“Your green time (prospecting to bring in the green $$$) from today, is your pipeline in 60 days from now”. — Carl White

You need to do your green time today, so you will have a solid and stable pipeline over the next few months (instead of a rollercoaster up-and-down ride).

In the mortgage industry, the role is divided between Sales and Support.

Supporting (a current client) always seems more urgent to take care of than Prospecting (for a future client).

But if you won’t do prospecting today, how will your pipeline look in 60 days from now?

You need to make time for both sales and support. As Parkinson’s Law says: “The work will expand to the time allotted!”.

I like to give this analogy: “No matter when Shabbos is (the Jewish weekly Sabbatical), 4 pm or 8 pm, most people get ready 15 minutes after the Zeman…” — Lou Landau

You will have the time for it — if you make the time for it. 

Being in sales needs discipline and that’s how you get a smooth and full pipeline (instead of a rollercoaster)!

Make it a great sales day!