Flow state

The Navy Seals can do it.
… and so can you!

You can attain great levels of achievement and success by getting into “flow state”.

Flow is a psychological state, a type of zone, that a person gets fully immersed in in order to get their best work done.

Flow state includes:
→ Fully concentrated.
→ Clarity of goals and reward.
→ Transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down).
→ Intrinsically rewarding experience.
→ Effortlessness and ease.
→ Balance between challenge and skills.
→ Actions and awareness are merged (losing self-conscious rumination).
→ Feeling control over the task.

Flow begets more flow. “The more flow you have, the more flow you have!”

Think. Which activity can get you into flow mode?

Is it any of these?

* Listening to music.
* Dancing.
* Writing.
* Reading an enchanting novel.
* Counting numbers.
* Close your eyes and imagine a calm image.
* An activity that you totally immerse yourself in.

Pick the pre-flow routine that works for you + Start the routine for 10-15 minutes = Flow state.

You can train your system: Pre-flow routine gets you into flow. Then you can bring on the flow at will, whenever you have an important task to complete.

Try it.
Let me know how it works for you!

Credit to Steven Kotler