Fly out the ego

Do I have a big ego?

In a meeting with Joe Freund and Joel Lieberman about Linkedin strategy.

We were having a great meeting, in the middle of our heated conversation, I had this expression.

Something like…

I don’t have an ego!


It’s not about my ego!

While Joe acknowledged it, I said “Hold it hold it hold it – correction”

I have a big ego – but on this topic, it seems like I can put my #ego on the side and focus on the company. Completely.

We were having such a great laugh the 3 of us.

And Joel Leiberman opened the window as a gesture to say.

“Let the ego fly out”

And we had another great laugh.

I wish you all my friends, to be able to have such a great working environment, where coming to work every day is something you look so much forward to.