Focus on the big things first

There’s a famous parable of a professor who came into class with a big empty pitcher.

1. He then took a pile of big rocks and put it into the pitcher.

Full to the rim.

There was no more place for stones.

2. The professor then took a pile of little pebbles and added it into the jug.

The pebbles filled the spaces around the rocks.

He held it up for all to see.

Now it was indeed full.

3. Then he surprised his students by adding sand to the pitcher.

The sand filled the cracks around the stones and pebbles.

Surely now the jug was absolutely full.

4. But, no!

The professor added a pail of water that filled all the air pockets of the jug.

My fellow friend, we can learn a lesson from this story.

Had he done the opposite way or a different order not everything would have fit.

At the start of a quarter we get all pumped up, full of energy and power, momentum and strength.

As time goes by the energy wanes.

We need to create BIG ROCKS for this quarter.

In 3 months from now, what will you have accomplished?

What are your big rocks?

Keep on setting goals.

First the big goals, the big rocks.

Then set smaller goals.

The small pebbles, if you stack them right, you will achieve!

What ‘big rocks’ will you accomplish in 10 weeks (till Dec 31)?