Forgive mistakes

Can you forgive this?

“I’ve always found that people who struggle are hard on others, but those who do well in life are hard on themselves.” — “Papa” John Schnatter

Don’t go around making sure that everybody else doesn’t make mistakes.

Work on yourself so YOU don’t make mistakes. 

Nobody is perfect.

WE are not perfect. 

We need to learn to let go. To forgive and forget.

This is one of the important realizations of personal development:

Never will be.
Never was. 
Never CAN be.

There’s no such thing as perfection in this world. 

Don’t expect it on yourself and don’t expect it on others.

We do expect to work on ourselves to become better.

But, to expect that we’re never going to make mistakes, or that we HAVE to have the best answers to everything?!

No way!

Hard expectations are a set-up for failure!

Frustrations are unmet expectations…

Lower your expectations of reaching “perfection”.

This is one of the paradoxes of life.

While we’re constantly striving for more, we still have to accept our limitations!