Foundation of team work

f you work hard on your job you can make a LIVING,
but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a FORTUNE.” — Jim Rohn

Learn to invest more in yourself than in your job.

I always say this to our LO’s at The Mint Capital “You think you joined a mortgage company? You are in an intense personal development program!”

Life is about working on ourselves. We will always bump into friction. Different people, places, things, ideas and concepts. 

We need to go with the flow. Utilize challenges to make us stronger.

Sometimes people struggle with the same issue for many years, but it doesn’t change them for the better. That is because instead of growing from the challenge, they are just complaining. 

Challenges make our brain muscles stronger. To widen our brain capacity to handle more challenges.

It’s okay for a 5 year old to cry over a lost candy. But it’s not okay for a 10 year old to cry over it.

It’s okay for a 10 year old to cry when fighting with a friend. But at 15 years it should not bother as much. He should be able to face challenges because he increased his capacity to deal with life. 

Unfortunately, some people never increase their capacity. They keep on complaining about the same things year after year. 

Complaining is a sign that they didn’t grow in that area!

How are you increasing your capacity?
What work (or life) challenges are helping you grow up?