Get actions in line with values

Does your action reflect your core value?

Basically, if your company’s core value is customer service or humility or whatever it is, does that reflect in the actions of your people?

What is that USP (unique selling proposition) that every salesperson should have? What do you strongly believe in? These core values should come across clearly through the mannerism and language of the entire organization!

This holds true for oneself, too. 

Every person should know their own core values that they believe in, and stay in alignment with them.

Everyone has different things that they stress on, and other characteristics that are important for them to focus on. 

Therefore, they want to be in alignment with that, so they should not feel out of whack — which literally causes dissatisfaction to the soul!

Have integrity to your own values. To your own self! 

If someone doesn’t value a particular behavior, but just does it “because they made me do it….”, then they will be miserable! 

So, first you need to KNOW your values. 
Then you find the kind of company/organization/workplace that respects those values. 

When all members of the team are “rowing in the same direction” it leads to ultimate inner satisfaction and productivity in the workplace!