Go with the flow

If I can pinpoint one person that is the most important connection I made within the last five years it would be:


My friend Michael.

After a hiatus of twenty years, I bumped into Michael — an old friend from my school days.

We started talking about many life challenges we were both facing at the time. 

We reconnected again and have become best buddies since then.

This friendship has really changed my life for the better.

Michael taught me about meditation and the philosophy of “going with the flow” and “letting go”.

In every spiritual system, there is the idea of “know that everything flows, and everything will happen anyway”.

Now, I meditate every morning. All thanks to Michael — a great friend!

AND, for the doubters and nay sayers, I’ve become the most productive I have ever been.
(If you are interested in meditating, it IS my pleasure to help you start on your journey. DM me.)

Who helped YOU in your life? Thank them by tagging them in the comments