Gratitude #8

Take a cup of water.

Let’s think for a second.

How did all this get to you?

First we thank God that our body systems thrive on water.

Water is most easily available.

We drink water and get sustained from it.

How did you drink it?

In a plastic cup? A paper cup? A glass cup?

How many people were involved in that one cup?

I thank my spouse for buying it.
I thank the store for keeping it.
I thank their workers for stocking it.
I thank the distributor for distributing it.
I thank the freight company for shipping it.
I thank the factory workers for producing it.

Of course, these people made a profit from it, too. That’s how the world keeps turning!

Now for the water from the tap.

It came out of the faucet.

I thank the company that produced it.
I thank the store that sold it.
I thank the plumber that installed it.

How did the water get cleaned?

I thank the people that are behind purifying the water.
I thank the company that made the water filters.
I thank the company that made the pipes.

The water supply system is amazing, bringing water to our taps from who-knows-which reserves and oceans.

I thank God that I live in 2021 when we can have electricity, water, plumbing and all conveniences in our home.

Just 70-80 years ago the people were not that lucky.

Today we even have choices.

Hot water and cold water.

We live like kings!

The kings of the past did not have what we have today.

If we would be mindful we would appreciate it so much more.

“A constant pleasure is no pleasure.”

There is no pleasure if we don’t put our mind to appreciate it.

I am grateful!
I am joyful!
I am thankful!

There is so much to be thankful for.

Did you start your gratitude log yet?