Gratitude Journal #3

My friend, why should you be depressed?

When focusing only on the negative, life may look very bleak.

Why should we allow negativity to take over our lives?

Probably nobody in the world has 50% negativity in their life.
Some people might feel like their life is overwhelmingly negative, only because they are dwelling on the negative.

Why should we let the negative overpower the good?
It consumes all the energy. It takes away the joy and happiness of life!

If we focus on the positive, we will suddenly see a lot more positivity in our lives.

As previously mentioned, focus on one area of your life. You will see how blessed you are.

For example: focus on your spouse/child/family member.

Start listing all the positive attributes about that person.

Yes, many people have negatives too. We all do.
There is no perfection in this world.

But, if you will look for the good, you will see so much good!

There are so many good things in our lives.
There is so much we can be grateful for!

If we would only look for it, we will find it.

Did you start your gratitude journal yet?

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