Gratitude journal #4

You need to pay your mortgage? Again?

Lucky you!

You have a mortgage!

That means you own a house!

What an accomplishment! You have so much to be grateful for.

You are starting to build equity.
Maybe you even have a tenant in there.
And maybe even another piece of property.

Don’t only focus on “I need to pay my mortgage

We can find so many things to be grateful for. We only need to look for it.

Do you have a car?
Does it have gas?
Do you have the money to buy more gas?
Can you drive around?
Can you use your hands and feet to maneuver your car?
Can you use your eyes to see the road?
Can you use your brain to focus on the road?
Can you use your heart to choose where to drive?

Even something as simple as driving a car has so many points to be grateful for!

My friend, open your eyes and find the good in your life.

There is so much good. So much positivity.

What are you thankful for today?