Gratitude Journal #5

How old are you?

You’re 25 years old.
You’re 30 years old.
You’re 40 years old.
You’re 45 years old.

You’re 60 years old!
You’re 70 years old!

You are alive!

Maybe you have children.
Maybe you have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

How is your family?
How are your kids?

Keep zoning in and notice all the good in your life.

Think about all the life experiences you’ve had until now.

You can talk.
You can listen.
You can even fantasize!

Do you see the good in all this?

My friend, I’m challenging you. Take a piece of paper, divide it into 4 columns. Add 25 lines in each column. 

Write down 100 things you are grateful for. Every day for 100 days.

This has changed my life.
This can change your life.

What are you waiting for?

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