This Sunday was Visiting Day at my son’s camp.

I was telling him about an article I read from Peter Diamandis, where he wrote about the success of startups like AirBnb, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The trick behind their success?


It’s all about having the grit and perseverance to succeed.

Peter also mentioned many of his own companies, how he had many different ideas that met challenges and setbacks; yet it still succeeded in the end.

The bottom line was the grit that he invested in his companies.

He had some ideas that he started.
It didn’t work.
So, he started again in a different way.
A different model.
Still didn’t work.
He tried this way and that way.
Until, finally, after many tries, he made it!

It was the grit that he kept on trying, trying, trying, that helped him succeed.

So, I said to my son, “How is this example of changing things around and trying a new model, actually a lesson?”

The answer is:
Grit is something that a person never gives up.

Yes, the strategy might change, but the PERSON never gives up.

“Strategies could change, but the direction doesn’t change.” — Good to Great