Having too much on your plate

Do you feel like you have too much on your plate?

Is it because you really have too much work? 

Or, is it because you didn’t get to finish the stuff you needed to do?

In general, complaining that you feel overworked is not going to help anyone.

A person has to know their own capabilities, and what they should take on to begin with.

Prioritize more.
Work smarter.
Be focused. 

When people don’t focus, and thereby everything takes so much longer to complete, they then complain that they have too much on their plate.

Yeah, obviously if they didn’t get around to finish their work, they will inevitably remain with lots on their plate!

Learn how to work to get things DONE!

At the same time, remember that no one died with an empty inbox…

One tip is to unsubscribe from emails that you don’t read or use. (How did my name get on their list, anyway?!)

Start GTD. 

Getting Things Done.

Being overwhelmed and therefore not getting anything done, will not help anyone!