Hire character (part 2)

How does negativity get access to our brain?
We try to work on ourselves not to allow externals affect us negatively. 
How does negativity from externals even get access to our brain/mood/emotion?
Externals like people/places/things can only get into your mood through YOU.
Through your consciousness.
Our constant work is to strengthen our consciousness and capacity to handle stuff.
You are NOT your thoughts!
You are NOT your anger!
You are NOT your emotions!
It is not YOU, it is an EXPERIENCE we feel.
We “experience” life.
We “experience” anger.
We “experience” an episode.
But, it’s not the actual YOU. It is your inner consciousness, your soul, that experiences life.
It should not overpower and overtake our system.
We need to remain balanced and detached while the “system” goes through a storm.
“When you’re passing through a storm, calm yourself and the storm will pass!”
I heard a great analogy from Rupert Spira.
He says that no matter what story plays on a screen. Be it violence or beauty, the actual computer screen does not get affected in any way from the image.
A screen remains a screen. 
So too, we need to work on ourselves. That no matter what the surrounding experiences are, our thoughts and perceptions should remain untouched!