Holding people accountable

The other day I made a run for it.

It was really pouring out there. I had to get from my home to my car, and got sopping wet while doing it. 

And, like I always tell you my friend. I voiced my my oft-repeated phrase out loud. 

“I do not let the weather affect me negatively!”

I just had to say it to myself, there in the car, and really internalize it. 

Yes, I was uncomfortable.

True, I was wet.

But, it is what it is and I can’t do anything about it!

“Weather isn’t good or bad, it is your attitude that needs to change!” 

Life is full of challenges. Our job is to work on our middos (character traits) and have a positive attitude towards life. 

At least if we can’t reach the positive attitude, we should at least aim for neutral.

As long as it is not negative. 

Negativity only causes more problems and everything goes downhill. 

Negative thoughts make it seem that the game of “life” is rigged. 

We constantly need to remind ourselves:
Stay positive.
Have fun.
Do good.

Be a good person. A good spouse. A good parent.

Remember, “this, too, shall pass”.

Everything passes. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

Life is fleeting and we need to hold onto the good.
But, we should remember, that the bad will pass too!

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