How can I set good boundaries?

When someone falls into the mud, should you jump into the mud to save them? Or stay on solid ground to pull them out?

Don’t deprive people of their struggles and suffering, because we grow and develop through suffering. 

Nobody grows in serious personal development by winning the lottery and sailing through life.

People grow when they are pushed by mental/emotional/physical pain and struggle. 

Of course we don’t wish for anyone to suffer serious anguish. We need to help our fellow friends with all our strength and resources. BUT, we do not get into the mud of their struggles. We lend a hand and help them climb out.

Because the only way we can help is if that person wants to be helped. We cannot do it for them. It needs to come from within. 

We always want to help others. You might feel that you have gone through that same experience 20 years ago and have the answers to help your friend. 

But, don’t deprive them of developing their inner self!

Because, you are where you are now only because of your past struggles. 

How has your past struggles shaped your current life?