How I joined Mint Capital

It all started with a book…

… and I ended up as sales manager at The Mint Capital.

The book title was Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink.

The year was 2019.

As a motivational countdown before my son’s wedding, I started a project to read a chapter of a business book for 50 days.

I recorded a daily podcast and posted it on my website and on a sales Whatsapp group of many businessmen I knew.

At that point in time, Joel Lieberman and Isaac Kraus had a nice going mortgage business, with a handful of young men working for them. The company was doing well and many guys were attracted to be a part of their team.

As the company grew, Joel realized that they needed a cohesive sales team with a sales manager.

When he heard my podcast that was recorded on the day of my son’s wedding (why should I stop?), he said “this is the kind of energy our company needs!”

I had no prior knowledge in mortgage or sales management.

We had a vision and just ran with it!

We are building a strong sales team with amazing support, knowledge, motivation and camaraderie. 

Thank God, it is 18 months later and we have a well-renowned and respected strong sales machine!

Do you want to join this amazing group?
Reach out, we are always here to help!