How much of your potential are you reaching

How much of your potential do you think you’re reaching?
This is a trick question.
The mind always races a thousand miles ahead of what is possible to execute.
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who have accomplished a lot more than the average, have things they still want to accomplish.
Because thinking is easier than doing.
It’s an ego trip that makes you think: “How great am I that I want to accomplish so many great things.”
Feeling bad for not accomplishing enough is an ego trip; because I am so great and believe in my potential, that my ego feels bad for not accomplishing. That only reinforces how great you are.
That’s called a dys-empowering positive statement; a powerful statement that will make you dysfunctional.  
“The key in life is you BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat, and steal yourself to positivity” -Lou Landau.
Thinking big is actually not accomplishing.
Why does Lou Landau – the forward-moving positive force – say to stop thinking big?
DON’T stop thinking big.
What are YOU DOING TODAY towards your goal?
Dreaming big without doing it with daily #discipline is a set-up for failure.
“If you don’t know clearly what you need to do every day, every week, and if you don’t do it with discipline, you have ZERO POTENTIAL”.