How to ask

Are you a confident salesperson?

“To reduce resistance and get what you want, you must ask confidently, concisely and assertively.
When salespeople demonstrate confidence, prospects say YES 50% – 70% of the time! Conversely, nonassertive, insecure, I-don’t-want-to-seem-pushy requests have a 10% – 30% success rate!”
— Jeb Blount in “Objections:

You can triple and quadruple your results by being assertive!

Every prospect can feel if you’re giving off vibes of enthusiasm and confidence, or if you’re just faking it.

In the same vein, depression and fear are contagious.

You can scientifically measure a person’s energy when standing next to them.

Your prospects can FEEL if you are not confident!

How can you get that relaxed, confident, assumptive state?
How can you own up more to who you are?
How can you have a positive vibe and energy?

By KNOWING that you have the RIGHT TO EXIST!
You have the RIGHT to take up space in the universe!
You have the RIGHT to your own opinion!

Go ahead. Pick up the phone. Call that customer.

Feel confident that you have the product that is “as important to your customer as the lottery”!

If you believe in your product, your confidence will come through!