How To Fake More Arrogance

  1. How do I handle a prospect that has a family or friend in the same line that I am trying to sell?

2. What do I tell a prospect that says: “Hey, didn’t hear from you in years! Now, you’re calling me because you’re looking to sell something?”

Great questions asked by one of our amazing new loan officers.

Both have the same answer.

Firstly, being new in the line, you might feel less confident.

This is not necessarily a negative. It’s a simple reality.

You need to learn to swim in this sea. As we gain experience, you will be able to move past these objections. 

Have confidence in yourself.

Fake arrogance to gain confidence.

Know that you are backed by solid training.
Know that you are backed by a solid team.
Know that you are backed by a solid product.

We have the combined knowledge of our team, worth 100’s of years of experience.

Learn how to handle objections. 

Every line of business, being a realtor, salesman or loan officer will face objections.

It doesn’t matter which excuse the prospect throws at you.
What matters is, how do you handle objections?

Fake it until you make it. 
Because you got it in you!

You need to identify your strengths and believe in yourself.

Confidence follows success. 

Let your creativity guide you. Don’t let your ego hurt you.