How to stick to your discipline

There are many strategies on how to make sure to do your phone calls every day.

Block out some time in your calendar. 
Monday through Thursday. An exact time.

Keep a list of the calls. 

Work out all the details in advance.

Keep yourself disciplined!

• Get an accountability partner.
• Print out a 66-day plan. Keep it in front of you. Check it off every day.
• Tell your spouse and kids about your new undertaking.

Every day check it off.
I’ve done my phone calls today. I’m so proud!

What happens as 10 – 20 and 30 days go by?

You build the momentum.

You get stronger, more courageous, and disciplined just by doing it!

In the beginning, it doesn’t look like much. 

What is it going to do for your business if you do this every day?

Even if you’re not in the mood every day.
Even if you don’t have all the details worked out every day. 

By sticking to the commitment, you’re going deeper into it and becoming more creative.

You’re forcing yourself to stay in it, rather than running away.

You get so much sharper in your commitments.

You increase your capacity.

The little obstacles don’t come up anymore, because you conquered it!

You raised the bar on yourself, on your maturity, on your emotional intelligence.

You increased your mental capacity.

Have a wonderful weekend!