How YOU Can Earn In The TOP 1% ??

Something Darren Hardy said got me thinking.

I listen almost every morning to Darren’s morning podcast. It’s inspirational and motivating with a positive vibe and great message. (Darren is a great guy, by the way!)

In his mini-series “How to gain an edge”, Darren explained the difference in energy levels between the 1% earners, the top 10% – 20% earners, and the rest of the 80%.

The one-percenters are always full of energy and mostly always on. They are not down too much; and if yes, not very long and not very deep.

That got me thinking.

One-percenters. Wow.
What does it mean to be at the one percent of the wealth?

So, I looked at the numbers, (Everything is public knowledge these days…), and I was shocked.

The nationwide average of one-percenters earn an annual income of $538,926 — and there are 1.4 million people in that tier!

That got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pat yourself on the back and feel all accomplished and confident as one of the 1%? (Of course, to have financial security as well.)

If any of you (or me) would sit down and calculate your small box numbers:

How many deals do I need to sign to get to X amount of annual profit?

How many sales calls do I need to do daily to reach X amount of meaningful conversations?

How many meaningful conversations do I need to reach X amount of sales?

When you break it down into small box numbers, it seems so within reach. It’s so close.

And you CAN reach it! You are literally a few (daily) phone calls away from joining the top one-percent!

Meet you at the top?