Human Be-ing

I have to remind myself daily to be human.

BE human.
Not Do human

You are a human BEING
Not a human DOING

The fact that I need to remind myself, again and again, tells me that others need that reminder too.

When situations at work stress me out, and there are endless tasks on the to-do list.

I say to myself and everyone around me.

Let’s remember to smile, to relax, to take it easy.

We know we are on the wrong track when the pressure starts creeping in.

When we are not mindful of being mindful, stress takes it as an invitation to grow and takes residence in us.

Remind yourself, you are human – you can only do so much!

Be present,
enjoy life,
just relax,
show compassion,
to yourself and others.

This is the swing of the pendulum in our life…

As humans, we continuously strive to perfect things, to grow, to evolve.

That’s what this world is all about.

But at the same time, we fall into the trap of “Oh my gosh! I’m not doing enough”.

The stress builds and builds, and we fall apart.

Our desire to become more is coming from a good place, but stress sneaks in and holds a grip on us.

Hence the constant reminder…

Yes, I want to do more.
But first, I need to BE enough!