Leaders make mistakes. 

Leaders know they make mistakes. 

But, a powerful leader apologizes and admits they don’t know all the answers. 

Many young leaders are mistaken and think they must know all the answers. 

We don’t always have to know the answers, but we can learn and find out more.

The same holds true for parents. 

When a child asks a question, it’s okay not always to know the right answer on the spot. Rather than blabbering the nonsense of an answer, it’s okay to say, “That’s a great question. I don’t know that yet, but we can find out.” 

I once told my son, “The problem is that you look at me like Dad is this big hero that is 30 years older than you. But I’m the first to admit that I know nothing!”

There’s so much we don’t know, and so much we can still learn. 

We are not Einstein, Bezos, or Musk. Not even close to that.

And, y’know what? We move forward. Life is moving forward.

My personal motto is to be a “forward moving positive force”!

We are the adults that are the leaders of our family/community/workforce. 

The truth is, we don’t yet know everything. Not only that, but it keeps changing. When we finally figured something out, it changes again! 

All throughout, don’t forget to smile!

As I like to say, “Life is a joke! If you’re not smiling, you didn’t get the joke !” -Lou Landau