Ideas are a dime a dozen

It bothers me that I’m not monetizing my creativity.

I have a good job; I like it, and it pay’s nice.

But I constantly come up with creative business ideas – should I look into more creative opportunities?

I’ve heard these sentiments expressed many times.

Here’s what I think:

Don’t underestimate the benefit of a good job.

Definitely, don’t give it up for something that’s still in the making.

Know that now, when your creativity strikes, it just happens naturally.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to money.

The need to make money off an idea, the need to prove yourself, that the ideas should be on your name, is pure ego.

But if you look at ideas as a creative outflow, a creative expression of yourself, then you flow with it, and you share it freely.

I love sharing my ideas!

My greatest compensation is when my idea is put to use.

You don’t deserve an A+ for coming up with good ideas.

Share them freely.

Don’t get emotionally attached to it.

Separate it from money.

If you enjoy sharing your creativity and you have the extra time, do it for fun!

You can volunteer for organizations and cash it in once it grows roots.

Take your creative ideas as a sign of an intelligent functioning brain.

Not as a sign of being a genius.

Enjoy sharing your gifts!