If you’re too busy, you’re doing it wrong!

“If you’re too busy, you’re doing it wrong!”

Nobody died with the inbox empty, right?

How many of us are too busy?

Not enough time to go out there prospecting…

So, whoever you’re going to hire for help.

Make sure they do everything that you shouldn’t do.

So you can do what you have to do.

To produce more loans!

Hiring an assistant might cost you 20 dollars an hour.

If you’re a loan officer with any success, your hour would be worth 200+ dollars an hour.

Assistants help you break out, and frees your time, to go out and prospect more.

You always need to have more time to do what you need to do.

  • More Prospecting
  • More Relationship building
  • More Sales

Of course.

You got to make sure, that the #assistant you hire, is a person you enjoy being around.

If they don’t fit in, don’t be afraid to let them go…

You want to be focused on prospecting and lead generation.

You have the responsibility to look out for those families that need your help.

If you stay busy doing all the work, how many people will you be able to help?

Busy kills…

Work smart, not hard!