Ignorant opinions

“Company XYZ has better financial backing because the Mint Capital is a younger company…”

(said by someone who was deciding if he should join our team.)

Well, what IF the Mint Capital is a younger company?

First of all, we are mortgage BROKERS, we don’t write loans.

Second, Isaac Krausz and Joel Lieberman both have many years of experience in the industry, even before founding the Mint Capital. They took their knowledge and experience to build a better product.

And lastly, a company that’s older doesn’t mean better finances.

Which reminds me of the Mishna in Avos:


A young mind is like new paper. An older mind is a paper that has been written on and erased.

A young mind is like unsettled wine that doesn’t yet have any sediment in the bottle.

Not all young are good and all older are bad. You can find new barrels with old wine in it and vice versa. It’s not all or nothing.

With any life choices, we usually view it through the lens of life experience.
“If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!”

So, everyone will work with the knowledge they have and filter the information according to what they know or read about.

But, when looking at a new industry, you will miss many points by only using your own knowledge.

That doesn’t mean you should never make a decision. Ask the people that are in that industry so you can make an informative choice.