Importance of having goals

If everyone does the best they can, why do we need the extra push to reach our goals?

We need to avoid falling into a monotonous daily routine. We need to constantly have that extra fire to move forward.

When there is an actual goal or number to reach, it becomes alive and active, and makes you work intensely to reach that goal.

We constantly need to refresh and renew our goals. We can’t just let it rest. We need to keep it alive.

Even if you try your best, when a goal is left to self-motivation it eventually settles into a routine and the motivation dies down.

When a goal is active, there is more clarity. More focus. More intensity. More intention.

How can you keep goals active even when in an environment that doesn’t promote it?

Create your own accountability.

Create your own deadlines.

Create your own reward system.

Get together with like-minded friends and hold each other accountable.
Here at the Mint Capital; each location makes their own goals and charts to keep the fire of competition burning.

In order to beat the competition, you constantly need to stay fresh and alive. Like #Patrick Bet-David says, “ If you walk into a sales organization and don’t smell the market on the whiteboard, you’ll know it’s stale!”

How do YOU stay motivated?