In a Blink of an eye!

In a blink of an eye!

Life is a fleeting moment my friend.

You blink and it’s winter…

Another blink and its summer again…

Another blink and it’s 10 years from now.

10 years from now we’ll be here anyway.

10 years is going to come.

July 2030!

You’re going to look in the mirror.

Look into yourself 10 years older than now.

Hopefully, you’ll be smiling.

But what are you going to be smiling about?

Think, believe, and get a hold of yourself.

I wish for you that you should be proud of yourself.

And much of how you look in the mirror at yourself 10 years from now.

Depends on what you are going to do in the next 10 years…

That’s why we’re here.

To remind you to do what you got to do.


It’s not always easy my friend!

That’s why this is a friendly reminder…

-Not an obligation
-Not a requirement
-No pressure
-No guilt
-No shame

None of the above.

Don’t focus on changing your whole life in 15 different areas in 1 minute in 1 day.

Too much and too fast…

“He who chases 2 rabbits catches none!”
-Old Chinese proverb

Start one thing at a time and make sure you’re strong at it, before selecting a second target.

July 2030!!