“What’s going on, brother?”

“Why is Dad’s credit messed up?!”

Listen to the story – but first, the moral of it.

In business, integrity is one of the most important things!

You have to be careful not only not to lie, but also with saying it exactly how it is.

If you don’t know something for sure, don’t act as if you do!

My friend Abe was going to refinance his home to save himself $1000+ monthly.

He didn’t qualify income-wise, and his father graciously offered to help, expecting to be approved.

Well, you know the end of the story- his father’s credit was pulled, and the score was bad news.

Abe’s father co-signed for the home of another brother, and that home was now on forbearance.

The brother was told that forbearance on his home would have zero effect on the credit report!

A few months ago, when forbearance came out, there was a lot of confusion.

At Mint Capital, we trained our people not to promise anything on its effects.

There are too many large companies, organizations, and departments in credit scoring.

It was impossible to predict – and that’s what we made sure every buyer knew.

Never say something in a definite way when you are not convinced that it is 100% true!

When in doubt say so! Raise a little concern.


Never let it go!