We sometimes need to hear the things they DON’T say…

When interviewing a potential employee, there are two things to keep in mind.

First, we need to review a list of questions and concepts that are applicable to the industry and experience.

At the same time, I look overall at the interviewee.

Is s/he smart?

Is s/he fast?

Is s/he personable?

Does s/he comprehend a joke, too?

Is s/he competitive?

How do they present themselves at a meeting?

There are a lot of character and non-verbal traits to look out for.

I also don’t like to sugarcoat the work experience. I actually try to scare them away.

Work is not a game in the park.

It can have some rough parts, too.

But, you have our team to guide you the entire way.

And, it is oh-so-rewarding!

My fellow salespeople:
Are you ready for a career-switch?
Are you ready to plunge into this industry that has the potential of annual $250k income (after 2-3 years)?

To hear more, and make an intelligent decision based on real data, reach out and let’s talk! (No pressure, or anything…)