Intrinsic vs. extrinsic

My friend, what is motivating you?

What’s driving you to do your job every day?

Humans are motivated by two main factors:
Intrinsic – feelings from inside
Extrinsic – external influences

If you are working due to external motivators like money and fame, then that’s extrinsic reasons.

On the other hand, intrinsic means doing something because you love what you do.

When you do something because you intrinsically love to do it, the less you need external motivators to push you.

As a loan officer, ask yourself this question, “Why am I in this field of business?”

Is it money?

Money in itself is not enough of a motivator.

The book “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, explains it very well.

External motivators, such as making money, can work only up to a certain point. Like, once a person earns $75k (in his example) and is comfortable enough, you might not be motivated to work hard to earn even more money.

External motivators diminish over time.

However, if the reason you are at your job is intrinsic — you love what you do, you enjoy helping people, you thrive when talking to people — then the work in itself will be your reward!

That is the secret to staying motivated. When the action (of helping clients) is the reward in and of itself!