Introduction to Outstanding!

“Let me be your first, second option!”

I heard this great line that is so applicable to many people and many industries. 

Let me repeat the backstory of this quote for clarity.

Let’s say that an interviewee at an interview goes on a rant complaining about their previous employer.

(Beware of such people, because this same person will complain about you when they will be in your employ!)

Instead of trying out other job types with different businesses, the interviewee should keep in mind that instead of eventually settling for the “second best” option, they should look for that ‘second option’ to begin with!


“Let me be your first, second option!”

When reaching out to a potential client and they say “We’re already dealing with someone…”.

Then, instead of taking a beating and feel rejected, notice that this is great.

Don’t we all want to deal with people that are interested in being loyal to one salesperson/store/business?

The point is to find the right client, so YOU can be their FIRST second option!

Let’s go, my friend! 

Go out there and keep rocking it!