Is neutral good enough?

“While we sleep, the mind creates stories and then worries about them.”

Go figure!

Oh, stress. 

Someone recently told me: “Lou, I don’t have to come in with such a positive attitude every day. Neutral is also good for me.”

I told him: “My friend, if you can stay at neutral, that’s good! But watch yourself. Neutral can slip into negativity. Then you need to offset it with positivity.”

While talking to a friend, there was a young boy that was constantly interrupting our conversation.

I said to him in jest: “Young man, the earth is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, let the adults figure out how to keep it spinning.”.. (lol)

That’s how we look when we have stress. 

It says in the Sefer Chasidim, “just like the evil inclination is busy cheating, scamming, scheming, lying and deceiving you into doing destructive things.

The same way, you need to use your good inclination, with the skills of dreams, to make your life functional.”

Just like when we sleep, our mind keeps on worrying. 

Use your dreams, DAY dreams, to create a better story for yourself.

Keep dreaming and keep climbing higher!