It’s 2:30 AM

It’s 2:30 AM

I just finished 6 hours of clean focus.

We’re revamping our training system.

Accomplished a LOT.

It feels really good.

A few things that come to mind.

“If you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life.”

And the only way I could do this, be so focused for so many hours, so late at night, and feel exhilarated by it, is because I love what I do.

We have such a great company environment, that it’s just pure pleasure coming in to work.

In the typical business world, such a project would have been a lot of pressure with hard deadlines, etc.

But, we don’t work that way.

We always come back to our core values.

“Rome was not built overnight”.

Acknowledge the great work that we are doing.

“If you’re easy-going, and you feel good, then you can have so much more capacity”

And of course, it’s common knowledge, but very few companies out there apply it to their people.

When you take it easy, there’s space in your brain for your creativity to flow, to call upon courage! to do what we got to do as salespeople.

But if your system is taken over by






Then you’re not yourself – you’re not running at full capacity.

You don’t have room, you don’t have creativity.

Leave room for creativity!