It’s impossible to speak to 20 people without getting a yes

How to make $100 without closing the sale.

You know you need to reach your quota for sales. 

You’ve been taught there’s the 25 to 1 ratio for sales but feel dubious about it

There’s a tremendous fear of rejection each time you make your pitch.

Scott Hudspeth (Mortgage Marketing Animals) has a fantastic mindset for the fear of phone calls.

He says even though he makes 100 phone calls a day, he doesn’t reach them all, only 25 to 50.
He’ll engage in a meaningful conversation and then the magic formula happens. One out of twenty calls will always result in a sale.

“It’s impossible to talk to 20 people without getting a yes.” Scott Hudspeth

It’s a matter of changing your thought process.

If you do the math you’ll see that every phone call is worth $100….EVEN if it’s a NO!!!

(Typically a loan is worth $2,000. Between the 20 phone calls, you’re making $100 a call.)

This is a great attitude for all business strategies.

“It’s impossible to talk to 20 people without getting a yes”

Have you come across any business sayings that really pack a punch?