Its Not OK, Not To Reach Your Numbers!!

Today I’m in beast mode.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Where are you heading to?

What are you doing to get to where you want to be?

Where are you in relation to your goals?

And what’s your plan to get there?

It’s all about you taking ownership of your life!

You taking stock of your numbers!

I always tell our LO’s.

The Mint Capital Inc is only the company that enables you to do it!


You need to take ownership.

I’m here to remind you that, but I’m not here to do it for you.

Not even your coach can give you all the training that you need!

It’s impossible!

You need a lot more training than any one person can give you.

And you are responsible!

You take ownership of your life!

You need to ask yourself questions.

Where am I falling short?

What do I need to do?

Where do I start learning?

Where can I still learn more?

Do not accept below average!

Do not accept average!

Only accept above average!

You want to reach your goals!

You have what it takes!

You can do it!

If you’re not making your numbers yet, you must invest time in personal development.

It’s not acceptable not to reach your numbers, your goals!

You have what it takes!

Go out there and do it, learn, and grow.

Good Luck!